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Over time heating systems obviously age and become blocked with magnetite sludge and lime scale, especially in London and the surrounding areas due to the aggressive hard water we have which can have some very bad effects on your heating and hot water system. Some common symptoms of this are cold spots in radiators or commonly being cold at the bottom, blocked or restricted pipes, zone valves not working correctly such as the heating coming on with the hot water, noises from the boiler known as 'Kettling', the boiler cutting out due to a blocked heat exchanger, radiators that have pin holed and leaked or the pump failing due to being unable to circulate correctly.

So to remedy this and get rid of the magnetite sludge as best as possible we have a special Powerflush machine powered by Grundfos which is simply connected to the heating system either across where the pump normally sits, in or out of the boiler or across the tails of one radiator. We will always do what is most practical and give you the best results. We also use special chemicals to loosen and mobilise any deposits and remove any stubborn coatings to the inside of your system then flush them out using the machine. To help with this the machine is also 'flow bi-directional' which means we can move the flow of water round the system in different directions which again helps to get the sludge out the pipes.

Power Flushing Dartford

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We also install onto the machine a commercial sized Kamco high powered magnetic filter that also grabs the sludge as it passes through. So in theory we should get bundles out one way or another! And if your boiler in non-operational at the time of the flush we also have an element we can install into the Kamco filter which heats the water up so we can do the most effective flush possible.

Power Flushing Dartford


To ensure our customers receive a high standard of workmanship, experience and professionalism, our company is accredited and monitored by several trade and industry bodies.

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